Housing company Vash Dim is offering for sale spaces for commercial purpose.

We want to emphasize that residential complex “Pasichnyy” is planned for 10,000 people. And this fact in its turn makes it possible to expand Your business in offering various services to its residents.

Shops of manufactured goods and grocery products, a hairdressing salon, a beauty salon, a dentist’s, tailoring and footware repairs, a bank, a post office, a pharmacy may be comfortably located on retail areas. The project report calls for opening of a super-market with area of 1,400 sq.m. to provide services for the residents, areas for leisure - a cosy cafe, pizzeria or restaurant.

There can also be found areas for a fitness club or a recreation center or even a private kindergarden.

Our commercial areas have attractive aspects

  • Favourable location. Spaces are located on the first floor. Inner district road infrastructure is implemented in such a way that every resident of the residential complex will drive along Your building spaces.
  • Appropriatelly selected areas from 46 to 1,000 sq.m.
  • Unspecified construction planning. Absence of loadbearing and partition walls makes it possible to plan and use the area effectively.
  • Posibility to extend areas. After we get to know from a client about their desire to extend their commercial areas our managers will suggest combining of building spaces or extending by means of basement spaces.

Project engineers of the housing company “Vash Dim” set principle of self-sufficiency and supply of the residential complex with all necessary services so that everyday shopping won’t be waist of time and purchasing of necessary goods will take minimum effort and time.

For more information please contact real estate sales centers by the address:
72 Heroiv UPA Street,
(032) 298 94 44
(032) 247 25 35
We will be glad to cooperate!