Is there a sense to hire contructors if all works can be made by a real estate developer?

“Vash Dim” company can execute additional works for you on construction stage that will prompt your moving into your flat and will give an opportunity to save money on remaking, dismantling and mantling of work completed by us.

We perform the following works:

  • arrangement of floor heating;
  • distribution of electric networks;
  • architectural replanning on construction stage;
  • final preparing of walls for painting;
  • change of flat complement in the process of construction.

Final preparing of walls for painting.

Do you want to move into your flat as soon as possible? We give you such an opportunity as our company can prepare all walls for painting and after the building is put in commission the only thing for you to do is to choose colour and paint the walls.

Change of complement in the process of construction.

Do you want a more expensive boiler? Do you want windows that are of specific colour from inside? Do you want to install expensive entrance door locks? All these things and many others we can change in your flat before it is put in commission.